20 Aug
05:30 PM

Interview with Nexa

For the next week or two, we will be asking each of our CSGO players the same questions to allow the fans to learn more about their favourite players!


How did you get into CSGO

Before I started playing CSGO I was playing CS 1.6 and I loved the game, I still do to this day. I remember when CSGO came out and I was so against it, I hated the thought of another game replacing the legendary 1.6, even after a year or so of  CSGO being out I was still playing 1.6 like it was the only game in the world. It was the beginning of 2016 when my mind and my view of the game completely changed. I had no intention of playing CSGO at all, but by some stroke of luck a friend of mine decided to gift it to me on steam and I thought well I might as well try it since I got it for free, and there it all started.


Where do you see esports going in the future

I've been following the esports scene development for a long period of time, not just CSGO but other games as well, new franchises are developing all over the world and the future for esports looks amazingly bright, I hope someday we can even see esports in the Olympics.


Other than CSGO, what other games do you play

Currently, CSGO is my main priority so I don't play any other games, but I used to play WoW and League of Legends a lot, I actually think I spent more time playing league then I have CSGO.


What motivates you after tough games

I'm not really sure how to answer this, I guess regardless if we win or lose what motivates me the most is that I know the team I'm in right now has so much potential that all the games we are playing now feel like a stepping stone for something much greater.


What is your favourite map, position, and weapon combo

Favourite map mirage, position ct/ticket, and weapon combo would be m4a1-s with p250


Favorite sports teams/players

I'm not really into sports, but if I had to pick one it would be basketball since I occasionally play it with friends


Favourite movie

Hobbit/LOTR Trilogies


Favourite hobby outside of gaming

Outside of gaming my favourite thing to do is just relax put on Netflix and enjoy a good tv series or a movie.


What would your dream car be

I don't have one since I don't really like cars.


Favourite meal

Medium cooked steak with a side of mashed potatoes and peppercorn sauce


If you could play any other game professionally, what would it be

I would have to say, League of Legends, because I invested a lot of time in it and before starting CSGO my plan was to become a pro in the league.


Dream event to attend

A major event without a doubt.