17 Jan
09:12 AM

Imperial.COD at COD Pro League Qualifiers

This week our Call of Duty team will be competing at the COD Pro League Qualifiers in Columbus. 

28 teams will be attending the event and just 12 of those will earn a spot in this season's Pro League, joining the top 4 teams from CWL Las Vegas.

Each Pool consists of 7 teams. The top 2 will automatically qualify for the Pro League, 3rd-5th will enter the playoff stage and the bottom two will go home.

We have been drawn into Pool D with the following teams:

 UYU 3-2 

 Movistar Riders  2-3

 Mindfreak 1-3

 Red Reserve 1-3

 Nation Of Power 3-2

 Evil Geniuses 19:00 GMT 19th Jan