11 Dec
12:11 PM

Imperial enter FIFA

Today we're very excited to announce our entry into the FIFA scene with the signing of two extremely talented players.

First off, we would like to welcome Kylem 'Lyricz' Edwards who will be representing Imperial on the Xbox One

Lastly, please join us in welcoming Christian 'Spiteri' Spiteri who will be representing Imperial on the PlayStation 4.

Both players recently attended the FUT Champions Cup in November and both placed top8 on their respective consoles.

You can see Christian make his Imperial debut this weekend at the December FUT Champions Cup at Gfinity London.


Statements below:

Imperial CEO, Oli Adams: "Firstly, a big welcome to both Kylem and Christian! We've signed two incredible talents here and we can't wait to see them in action under the Imperial banner."

Lyricz: "Excited to announce I will be joining The Imperial for the rest of the FIFA 19 season. I would like to thank Oli for this amazing opportunity. I'm looking forward to representing Imperial in my upcoming tournaments and the FIFA eWorld Cup."

Spiteri: "I'm delighted to be signed as one of the first FIFA players within Imperial and I'm very grateful for the opportunity the team is giving me to grow and realize my ambition. I'll work much harder to match both our expectations".